11th January 2016

A Girl With A Book is playing at Teatret Mollen, Denmark.

8th December 2015

AGWAB has been invited to the NEAT Festival of European Theatre 2016 at Nottingham Playhouse!

Look out for more UK dates.


@nickwood39: Thank you @schauspielHHaus the run of A Girl With A Book aka Malala Madchen mit Buch extended to July!

10th October 2014

@FifthWord: Today #Malala became the youngest noble peace prize winner. yesterday i saw @nickwood39 explore this story beautifully in #agirlwithabook

7th October 2014

Heard today from my German agent that AGWAB is now licensed for performance in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

2nd October 2014

@nickwood39: Thank you for an excellent night at the very welcoming @TheMillBanbury with AGWAB & a great time afterwards with the audience.

29th September 2014

@nickwood39: A Girl With A Book @TheMillBanbury Weds.
Thrilling theatre doesn’t take much.Good text,empty stage & a few props.
Hamburger Arbendblatt.

28th July 2014

Flight booked and accomodation confirmed for the opening of AGWAB at the Deutsheschauspielhaus in Hamburg in September.

26th July 2014

Pegasus sent me the comments from the comment book by the young people in the audience.

Amazing. Very powerful stuff.

Really enjoyable

Wonderful! Soul searching and thought provoking.

It was sooo good. Wow.

Very good, well done. And you answered everyone’s questions really well

Thank you so much. That was great.

Very powerful and well worth seeing.

He had lots of courage. Well done

Best performance ever! Amazing.

An important story. Thanks.

22nd June 2014

I had an excellent two days at Pegasus. Very enthusiastic and challenging comments in the post show discussion that went on not far short of the length of the show itself and three very thoughtful, and very pleasing reviews, from the Pegasus Young Reviewers who ranged form early twenties to eleven.

In case the link disppears with the show page on the Pegasus website I’ve pasted them on the reviews page.

We stop for the summer now and the next show is in Matlock at the Grand Pavilion on August 30th, followed by more shows through into Spring 2015. Dates will be posted soon.

29th May 2014

I got this today. A rather good, thoughtful piece on A Girl With A Book in an academic journal – On Religion. Pretty pleased – the reviewer got what I ‘m trying to do.  Follow the link below for the full review.

‘What author Nick Wood has refused to do is accept the narrative of difference. The media is often accused of ‘othering’, making a community (whether here or abroad) so distinct and different that any possibility of a relationship or understanding goes out the window. The easy option when hearing the news of Malala Yousafzai’s shooting is to think that Pakistan is somewhere so distant, inhabited by people so different, that you could never understand why it happened. Wood rather invites us to better understand Malala, her father, and her kinsmen.

The play is not unaware also of international politics – of how US polticial interventionism, drone attacks, and media propaganda all play a role in shaping conflict. It isn’t the centrepiece however; this isn’t a journalistic exploration of the causes behind the shooting, but rather a human endeavour to understand who was involved, the emotional sacrifices they made, and the common experiences that can bring together the world of a middle-aged, middle-class, white man and a young Pathan girl from the Swat Valley in Pakistan.’

24th March 2014.

Two more performances : Matlock Pavilion 30th August 2014 at 3pm and 7.30 pm.

The Western Mail interviewed me ahead of the week in Cardiff. …

20th February 2014.

A good piece on the play and why I wrote it from The Chad.

Malala play challenges hidden prejudices

editorial image

by Helen Beighton





One-man play ‘A Girl With a Book’ is written and performed by Nick Wood and is based on the story of Malala Yousafzai, the Afghan schoolgirl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking in favour of girls having the right to an education.

It is told from a writer’s perspective, and shows how the writer is forced to come out from behind his desk and go into the community as he searches for answers to help him tell the tale of a brave young woman’s fight for girls’ education.

His research uncovers the fact that he holds attitudes at odds with his liberal convictions and he has to deal with what it reveals about himself.

Said Nick, who left teaching to become a full-time writer: “I never thought I’d return to acting, let alone in a one man show, but it’s happened. It’s very scary, but also great fun.”

A Girl With a Book draws on Nick’s experiences after he decided to write a play about the shooting of Malala and what he subsequently discovered about himself – the prejudices that he realised he holds as he made more contact with the Muslim community and religious people.

“I was writing about how art can comment on real events, how the writer has to find objectivity when little exists in the writer’s mind,” he said.

“I realised that I was guilty of seeing people as members of a group and not as individuals, and no matter how much I might protest to the contrary and hold up my liberal principles as proof of my lack of prejudice, my opinions on a set of beliefs I didn’t share was becoming an almost insuperable barrier to my willingness to try and understand.”

It was Malala’s strong beliefs in education that touched the former teacher and inspired him to write his play.

He said: “I wrote A Girl With A Book because I’d been a teacher, because I’d never heard a child speak so passionately about the need for education, because amongst the whole global catalogue of appalling acts I’d never heard of anyone shooting three children for wanting to go to school.

“When I nearly packed it in I carried on because I wanted to work through all the attitudes and prejudices it stirred up within me that I was so anxious to deny.”

Create Theatre co-ordinator Adam Pownall described the play as ‘hard-hitting’ and ‘emotive’. He said: “It’s always a pleasure to introduce our theatre-goers to great new works.”

A Girl With a Book comes to Create Theatre on Thursday 27th February at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available via or on Mansfield 413363.

The play is directed by Andrew Breakwell.

18th January 2014

Yesterday I was at Radio Sheffield taking part in the My Life So Far section of the Rony Robinson show.

The link is below and starts 2.19.40ses in.

21st January 2014

The Writers’ Guild have put a piece of mine about A Girl With A Book on their website.

17th January 2014

Six more college dates added to the Cardiff week with Chapter Arts and Theatr Iolo.

3rd January 2014.

The Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg and the Landestheater Innsbruck will produce A Girl With A Book next season.

2nd December 2013.

Chapter Arts and Theatr Iolo announce a special performance of A Girl With A Book on 20th March 2014.

All profits from this performance will be donated to the Malala Fund to support the formal education of girls across the world.

18th November 2013.

Just heard from my agent at Felix Bloch in Berlin that over 70 theatres in Germany have asked for the script of A Girl With A Book.

15th November 2013.

This morning’s show at Nottingham Trent University let me learn a little more about the pacing and the dynamics. An audience of about 60/70 students and guests. Need to look again at the transitions before the tour proper starts in January at Square Chapel. Perhaps it needs another beat. Wish I could go and do it again tomorrow to try out all I’ve learned this week but I’ll have to be patient. The play has been taken up by Boris Priebe at Felix Bloch in Berlin and I’ve heard the translation is finished and discussions have started with theatres about productions in Germany.

13th November 2013.

This afternoon was the first show. At Nottingham University for a group of third year English students.  Now I feel it’s really beginning. It went okay. Well, even. It worked. The text carried me. There was an energetic Q and A afterwards and I was pleased that the questions reflected all the things we hoped were in there. I didn’t realise that performing something I’d written was going to be so hard.  It’s taken a long while to find the character of the writer. He isn’t me, I know that, but sometimes I wish I’d made him Irish and given him a limp. There was a moment when I thought ‘I don’t know where I am in the text, I don’t what I’ve just said and I don’t know where I’m heading’. I was sure that it lasted at least ten minutes. I came to halt. Couldn’t think what to say. Decide not to think  and found I was saying the next line and it passed. It’s not coal mining and nobody died. Now  I’m looking forward to NTU on Friday.

12th November 2014.

  • Website up.
  • Programme text published today by Playdead Press.
  • Rehearsals finished.
  • First performance tomorrow at Nottingham University.
  • We’re off!

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